I’ve never done a photo shoot before – how do I prepare?

The majority of fitness shoots I have done over the last 12 months have been with ‘first timers’. What I have found helps clients of mine is to get a handful of ‘fitspo’ images saved that you love the look and style of so we can use that as Inspiration. You can bring them to the shoot or send them to me at [email protected] 

Come prepared – physically and mentally. 

It can be tiring, as I will get you to hold a lot of reps to get the right shot. 

I’m a very chilled out photographer I have been told, so I will go with the flow.

What do I need to bring to the shoot?

Bring along your own gym clothing that you feel comfortable wearing during the shoot. In 2 hours we can make up to 4 clothing changes – easily. In the past, clients have also altered basic Bonds style singlets and tops to make the shoot ‘sexier’ but that is up to how comfortable you are.

Bold colours work better in a gym setting, but black and white clothes if you prefer Black and White images, work best.

Do I need hair, make up and a tan done?

HAIR: I’m not a fan of getting your hair all dolled up – Year 12 Formal style, but rather it just natural or as you would wear it at the gym.

MAKE UP: This is completely up to you – I try to keep my shoots really gritty and raw, not FHM magazine style. Light make up works well. Guys….I will not pass judgment!

TAN: This is entirely up to you. A tan does make your body ‘pop’ in the shots, and will make you feel more confident in getting those amazing shots you are after – but it is not essential. Post comp tans can also be streaky, so if you are getting your shots done after a comp and you are scrubbing your tan off – try to ensure you evenly remove your tan as much as possible. Hands and feet tend to hold darker tans, so ensure you try to scrub them even more.

Where are we shooting? Do you provide a location or do I?

I DO NOT shoot at studios (they bore me to tears) or do not have access to a 100% guaranteed gym/location. I do shoot at a number of different gyms, but as you will appreciate, I don’t want to stretch the friendship between myself and gym owners by constantly hounding them to get access to their gyms. They have a legal responsibility for anyone who enters their gym, so please be aware and respect this and it puts a lot of pressure on staff. Ideally, shooting in the gym that you go to, or a warehouse/location that a friend or family member owns can allow us a stress free environment to shoot in.

I do have a South of the River gym guaranteed I can shoot in, but will cost you an additional $40/hour.

Ideal locations:

– Gyms
– Warehouses/workshops
– Luxury Homes
 Vacant properties
– Beach/Bush locations

What happens after the shoot with my photos?

After your shoot – I take the images and sort through them, lightly culling the derpy shots and misfired flash shots and run a quick lighting/adjustment correction over them before placing a watermark through them, load them to Dropbox and send you the link for your image selection.

Once you have selected the images, send me the file number (eg: IMG_0123 is 123) and I will edit and return a Facebook/Web friendly watermarked image and a high res image with no watermark (if you ever wish to print)

What if you want more than what your package offers?

Simple, each additional 10 images is $150.00 per set.

My sponsor wants to use my images for their marketing purposes – are they allowed?

Simple answer is yes, but they do need to pay for a commercial release fee starting from $300.00 

 days out from shoot: “I’m not feeling it Brett…I ate too much on the weekend and I’ll have to postpone” 

I’ll be really polite and say “oh that’s ok” but inside I am really dissapointed. As I will have had turned down a number of people who wanted your date and time who would have put in 110% into their bodies to ensure they were photo shoot ready.   

That pizza you eat doesn’t just reschedules your shoot – it loses a booking for me and a photo shoot for someone else.

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